a few fun facts about me that you might not know...

I have an architecture degree in environmental design from Texas A&M University.

I lived in Nice, France for four months, while I worked for Bettina, a couture knitwear manufacturing company in Monaco.

I worked as the assistant designer for a precious, young handbag designer, Helen Marien, in New York.

I have a fashion design degree from the Art Institute of Dallas.

I studied under Jan Strimple, a well-known model, columnist for the Dallas Morning News, and fashion show producer.

I was given the freedom to design new event proposals from scratch while working for todd.events as the assistant creative designer.

In my spare time, i absolutely love, love, love graphic design, interior design, painting, creating a slide show of pictures into a story, mixing and matching colors together, writing short stories, being outdoors, finding colorful tin dollhouses and vintage reamers, taking pictures, exploring the tastes of different cheeses, reading old children's book with pretty illustrations and discovering new ideas.

Architecture. Fashion. Event design. How do these all relate, you may ask?

I have had the unique opportunity to be exposed to these three very different design industries. I have taken bits and pieces of each and formed a special little niche. A niche where I can custom design just for you!

So, now, here I am in Austin, Texas. Excited about new ideas. About change. Always looking ahead. Creative as ever. Delighted about what the future holds. And, even more delighted about possibly designing something just for you!